Foot and Gait Workshop

Feet are our foundation - they carry us through life in all we do. The foot and gait workshop is designed for people that want better foot function.

You will learn how to release tight and restrained muscles through techniques and exercises for rolling out your feet. This can benefit your feet, legs, hips and shoulders. You will learn to strengthen your feet through stretches and exercises. This will increase the mobility and flexibility in your feet and ankles and help acheive better balance. The workshop will also help address issues associated with plantar fasciitis, hammertoes and bunions.


Foam Roller Workshop

Make your body feel and function better by learning how to use the foam roller. This workshop is for anyone who would benefit from releasing tightness and stress in the body.

In the foam roller workshop, you will learn how to roll out the deep fascia tissue in your body to help open up tight and restrained muscles. You will also learn Pilates exercises that utilize the concept of torso stability. Learning to maintain torso stabilization by strengthening the core helps enhance control and achieve better range of motion in the body.

Check back to see when the next workshop will be held, or contact me directly.