AM & PM Privates and Duets
6:00 pm: Mat/Springboard Class & Reformer Class
7:00 pm: Mat/Props Class


AM & PM Privates and Duets

AM & PM Privates and Duets
6:00 pm: Reformer Class
7:00 pm: Reformer Class





9:30 am – 3:00 pm: Privates and Duets



8:00 am - 9:00 am: Mat Class

Class Descriptions

Mat/Springboard Class
This is half Pilates mat exercises (see description below) and half Springboard exercises. The Pilates Springboard uses arm/leg springs and a spring roll down bar to focus on strengthening the core, arms and legs through the use of resistance.

Reformer Class
Adds resistance to common Pilates exercises, focusing on proper alignment using a spring & pulley system. Through the use of proper breathing, control and flow of movement, you become aware of how your body moves in space—as is the case with all Pilates exercise—with efficiencies placed on quality of movement over quantity of repetitions.

Mat/Props Class
Uses the foam roller, magic circle, thera bands and other props to assist with Pilates exercises.

Mat Class
Challenges students to use core muscles—abdominal, back muscles, gluts and inner thighs—to build strength using the Joseph Pilates method of breathing, flow of movement, control, opposition, stability and centering. The exercises achieve movement of the spine in flexion, extension and articulation using the Pilates method.

Gentle Pilates Class
Designed for people who want to gain strength in a controlled and precise way. The class is a great introduction to Pilates—or a return—especially after injuries or pregnancy. The class is a blend of both mature and young adults.