Several years ago, I had been experiencing severe back pain after some major surgery and when my physical therapist said “you need to strengthen your core!”, I started practicing Pilates.  Acting on that advice, not only did I find complete relief from pain in the months that followed, but I also discovered my passion for Pilates.  I was inspired to share with others what I had found to be so helpful and effective for myself, and realized I wanted to devote my professional career to becoming a Pilates instructor.

While living in Boston and working in property management, I earned my marketing degree from Northeastern University.  Working as a waitress, and then a sales manager for a large hotel chain, I have always loved meeting  and working with new people.  Pilates has allowed me to work with people on a deeper level and develop many wonderful relationships over the years.

After moving to California for my husband’s work, it was “now or never” to jump into the Pilates world, so I decided to become professionally certified to become a full-time Pilates instructor. 

My accreditations include:

  • 2006: certified at the Ellie Herman Studios in San Francisco by Ellie Herman
  • 2010: certified teacher with Balanced Body
  • 2015: certified Balanced Body Faculty member

I have attended many workshops over the years to increase my knowledge and help me to become a better teacher, most recently completing a 2 year Foot and Gait mentorship program with Nancy Myers.

The wonderful thing about Pilates is that it can be applied to anyone – any age, any body type, anyone dealing with their own specific body issues.  I have worked with individuals with back issues, hip, knee, ankle and shoulder surgeries, and students looking to stay fit and build strength.  All ages can benefit from Pilates – my oldest student is 90 years old and going strong!

My teaching style is to be encouraging and adaptive to my student’s needs.  My goal is to help my students develop and apply the Pilates skills they are learning to help with every day life activities and to meet their goals.  I am serious when it comes to getting down to work, but also try to bring humor and fun to my classes.

My greatest satisfaction in my practice and teaching of Pilates is seeing my students’ progress and how Pilates literally changes their lives.  I’ve been blessed to have many wonderful students, many who I’ve worked with for years and whom I consider friends and part of my professional family.

Hope to see you soon!